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A loud pop could be heard off in the distance of the dark, night cloaked Everfree Forest. As everypony in Ponyville looked in the general direction of the din, another bang was audible as the sky was inflamed with a colorful array of blue, purple, and white. Slowly, small clusters of Ponyvillians gathered to gawk at the spectacular array of colors across the starry sky, another sound could be heard. A sound of music. Twilight Sparkle, who had gathered with others to stare at the rockets of color in the sky, recognized the music instantly. She quickly turned and disappeared into the crowd, unnoticed by the masses that were distracted by the display above them. The music grew louder. Closer. The culprit soon became visible: A wagon. The wagon was launching the colors into the air, now recognized as fireworks. The music was cheap, and rather annoying, but that did not matter with the distraction drawing away attention. In front of the wagon were two stallions, both well built and good looking, pulling it behind them. They were fatigued, but appeared to be forced forward, as if pushed by an invisible power. As they stopped, the side of the wagon fell to the ground at the same time as the stallions, and out walked an old acquaintance: 'The Great and Powerful' Trixie. She failed to don her signature cape and hat, but instead stood confident and serious, with a sneer, filled with ego, smacked across her face. She scanned the crowd, realizing that nearly everypony had forgotten about her. Though not what she had planned, this fact was on her side. She would be able to show off more now than ever.

As she scanned, she saw a certain purple figure walking away towards the back of the crowd. “You!” She screamed over the music. Twilight attempted to ignore, but was forced to turn around by an unknown power. “You...Twilight is it? Yes, come here.” Twilight refused. “I said, come here!” Trixie yelled as the music volume was lowered and Twilight levitated to the stage. “What's the matter Twilight? You look shocked. Yes, that was me doing all of that. And those stallions? They were picked up a week ago, but they haven't stopped running yet. Why? Because I MADE them keep running. My, you've changed. More confident, aren't we? More stubborn.” She tightened her magical grip on Twi's head. “Well guess what. I've changed as well. I've done some training. I've also held a grudge. Guess what. I'm back. Oh, don't tell me you didn't see this coming. True, perhaps you perceived a less intimidating, less menacing, less dangerous me. But here I am. So here's the plan. I make YOU get out of town, and I take over Ponyville. Sound good to you? I mean, if I could control these two stone headed stallions to pull me and my wagon, I can get rid of you and the mayor. And all of your puny...little...friends.” Trixie was face to face with Twilight now, looking deep into her hazel eyes. Twilight was still held still by Trixie's magic. “Now, time for the show...”

Short Fic by :iconfade2black205:

Dedicated to [link]

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xGateKeeperx Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Like a boss!
devilkais Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
[link] Now we're talking ! Glad to see others liking the idea of a darker Trixie !
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